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All of the current batch have been sold. Please send in orders anyway, as that is the only way I know when to try to do another batch.

Prices are as follows:

$235 41CL PC board
$25 Serial connector (not mounted in Port cover)
$7 3-D Printed Port cover for serial connector (black, flat face)
$6 Serial cable (so you don't have to order one from CableClub)
$6 Repair kit (4 new feet, plus 2 replacement screws)

$65 Time module clone (mounted on 41CL board)

$95 Flexible Hardware Module (mounted in 3-d printed module housing)

Due to limited availablility, orders for repair kits will only be accepted for use with 41CL conversions.

41CL Order Form Fillable pdf (save to your PC and send it to us)

FHM Order Form Fillable pdf (save to your PC and send it to us)

We don't send an invoice (via PayPal) until we are ready to ship. An invoice is valid for 30 days. If you haven't paid in this time your order will be cancelled.

I might be able to do an installation. Contact me directly if you are not comfortable doing the installation yourself. I charge $20 to do an installation if there are no repairs needed to the host machine.

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